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I am a researcher, writer, activist and educator focused on utopias, social movements, pedagogy and community organizing within, against and beyond crisis and disaster.

I completed my PhD in Political Theory at the University of Nottingham in 2010.

Theoretically, I am informed by anarchism, poststructuralism, autonomism and utopian studies.

My research involves ethnographic, documentary and participatory research with radical social movements, intentional communities and workers’ co-operatives. I have also been involved with movements as a participant, such as the Occupy! movement in Nottingham, and various radical education groups.

I have taught and lectured at many levels from pre-undergraduate foundation level, through undergraduate and Masters to PhD Supervision. Modules I have taught have included Political Utopianism, Radical Social Movements, International Relations, Popular Culture, Critical Pedagogy, Moral Panics.

My work focuses critiquing, resisting and creating alternatives to oppressive power structures in the context of ecological crisis. I have published on non-hierarchical organization, localised production and decision-making models, critical pedagogy, consciousness-raising, feminist and decolonizing methodologies, and experimental urban utopianism. I am currently working on anarchist approaches to organizing around natural disasters and climate change, and on radical politics of technology.

I take as the context of my work the real and imminent threats posed to humanity and nature by climate change and technological overdevelopment.

I am currently a Senior Research Officer at the Department of Sociology at the University of Essex . Prior to this I was Research Fellow at Cass School of Education and Communities where I was active in the International Centre for Public Pedagogies.

I have organized popular education workshops using critical pedagogy techniques in a range of formal and informal spaces ranging from international conferences to occupied sites, housing co-operatives and a squatted free school.

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