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Alternative education & radical pedagogy

The Social Science Centre:   Not-for-profit Higher Education co-operative  in Lincoln that runs on democratic, non-hierarchical principles. Organises study and research at all levels including undergraduate, Masters and Doctorates in Philosophy.

Undercommoning: North American network of radical organizers within, against, and beyond the (neo)liberal, (neo)colonial university.

Reclaiming our university: The manifesto : Movement to reclaim universities for trust, education, community and academic freedom.

Letters from the University of Utopia: Mike Neary and Joss Winn present a fictional account based on their recent research and practice of cooperative higher education.

Critiques of Higher Education policy & practice

Amsler, Sarah S., and Chris Bolsmann. “University ranking as social exclusion.” British journal of sociology of education 33.2 (2012): 283-301. available here


Critical Cartography, radical mapping

Living Maps Network: Network of researchers, educators, environmentalists, artists and community activists who are committed to developing new ways of designing, reading and using maps for public outcomes.

Bureau D’Etudes: French research and design group Bureau d´Études has been producing maps of contemporary political, social and economic systems that allow people to inform, reposition and empower themselves.

56a Map Room: Festival and ongoing collection of radical and hand-drawn maps.


Sound System Culture Blog


Buhite, Ashera, “The Occult Activism of 1960s Group WITCH is Still Relevant”, Dirge Magazine, Available at:


Housing Activism
The Fuck Parade : Radical anti-gentrification group in London/ “Fighting gentrification with 12 volt multi-rig street parties, furious fire eating & fireworks“, (in)famous for attacks on Shoreditch Cereal Cafe.
Focus E15 Mothers : A group of young mothers campaigning against evictions and gentrification in Newham. Demand “social housing, not social cleansing!


Radical archives, infoshops & social centres

56a infoshop, Walworth, London. Volunteer-run, unfunded DIY-run social centre and library in Walworth.

Interference archive, Brooklyn, New York. Volunteer-run library, gallery, and archive of historical materials related to social and political activism and movements.

Mayday Rooms, Fleet Street, London. An active repository, resource and safe haven for social movements, experimental and marginal cultures and their histories.

UK Social Centres Network: Up-to-date directory of radical social centres.
The Sumac Centre: Volunteer-run social and community space in Nottingham, UK.
Radical labour, zero work movement, critiques of work.

Jehu, Post-capitalism, Accelerationism, communism and the march of the job-eating killer robots, link

Kit Caless, Your Job Is Pointless, Vice magazine:

Radical psychology, critical affect

Friedli, Lynne, and Robert Stearn. “Positive affect as coercive strategy: conditionality, activation and the role of psychology in UK government workfare programmes.” Medical humanities 41.1 (2015): 40-47. Available open-acces at:
Claimant’s day off: Event at the Wellcome Centre that will bring together people claiming benefits for a day of pleasure, exploration, critical thinking, creativity and solidarity.  It will be a space of respite from ‘striving’, ‘productivity’ and the stigma often attached to not being in paid work.

Sloan, T, (2013) Activist Support as a Form of Critical Psychology Praxis, in Critical Psychology in a Changing World: Building Bridges and Expanding the Dialogue (Annual Review of Critical Psychology), at

 Tongue-in-cheek buzzfeed critique of positive psychology, inspiration culture, etc: link
Paul Moloney (2006) “Unhappiness is Inevitable”, The Guardian, 28 August 2006,
Radical urbanism, anti-gentrification, psychogeography
Southwark Notes Collective: Critical blog with research on regeneration and gentrification in Southward, London.
East End Walks: David Rosenberg’s radical history walks in East London.
Time and Temporality

The Escalate Collective (2012) Salt, available from

Popova, Maria “The Psychology of Time and the Paradox of How Impulsivity and Self-Control Mediate Our Capacity for Presence”, Brain Pickings, at


Utopias, utopianism, alternative living

Diggers and Dreamers: Directory of communities in the UK including intentional communities, eco-villages, housing co-operatives, cohousing projects.

Nomadic Utopianism: Website of David M. Bell




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